Kia Sportage Key Fob Replacement

Kia is attempting to make the lives of Brandon drivers easier with the key fob. This handy device allows you to lock and unlock your car hands-free.

Certain models require a keyfob that contains a microchip and must be programmed by an authorized locksmith or dealer. Some models come with a steel key that is not transponder and does not require programming.

How to replace the Battery

If you've tried to reprogramme your key fob and replaced its battery, but you're not having success it could be time to purchase a new receiver module for your car. This is a complex procedure that requires professional tools that can only access by an auto dealer or locksmith.

The most frequent cause for a faulty keyfob lies in a simple coin battery that has bled out. Be sure to purchase a battery that is the same size and voltage as the original. You could end up damaging the circuitry inside the key fob if you don't.

To replace the battery on the key fob, look for the tiny slot that is opposite to that one which houses the mechanical key. Use a small flathead screwdriver to wedge into this slot and gently pull off the plastic casing. Be careful not to apply too much pressure, since the battery compartment is thin and will break if you press it too hard.

After you've inserted the new battery make sure you align the back of your fob, and then carefully slide the cover back on. If you have trouble getting the back of the fob to snap in place, don't apply too much force. After the cover has been installed it is possible to test the Kia Sportage's keys fob by pressing on its lock or unlock button. If the trunk and door cylinders unlock, you're all set!

How can I reprogram the key?

The transponder chip in Kia key fobs is required to start your car. This is accomplished by connecting an electronic programming machine to the computer of the car to let it know you have a "authorized" key in the key fob. These machines are sold at certain locksmiths and dealers.

The most frequent reason for a remote key not locking or unlocking the vehicle is a dead battery in the key fob. If you notice that the remote's range decreases gradually until it stops working completely, the coin-cell battery inside the keyfob may be in decline and must be replaced.

Another issue that can be encountered is interference from objects around the car or from transmitters on the same frequency band as the key fob. This could interfere with the signal and prevent the car from being started when you press the start button on the key fob.

This listing is for the latest Flip Remote Keys (key fobs) 433MHz Kia Sportage (4th Generation, 2017 Models: 2018, 2022, 2017 with part number 95430D9000 or the FCC ID TQ8RKE-4F27). The key is not equipped with the rolling pin and the key blade. These can be purchased separately from the local locksmith or dealer. This key comes with 4 buttons that are Lock, Unlock, and Trunk. It also includes an CR2032 Battery.

How to Get a New Key Created

If you want to have a new key designed for your Kia, you will have to contact the dealer or a locksmith. They can make keys for older models, however the latest Kias have a smart remote or fob that comes with a built-in chip, and requires a professional to program it correctly. will require the key code number that can be found on the label that comes with your key set. The locksmith will also require the same information and you should record it and keep it in a safe place.

Once they have the key code, they must program it into your car. To do this, they will require the proper equipment. It is best to go with a locksmith who specializes in Kias. They'll have the best expertise with this kind of vehicle and know how to get it working properly.

When they are finished Make sure to test the key out. Make sure that it opens your trunk and doors and starts the engine. Make sure that the emergency key is functioning as you might require it in the event that you get locked out. If you notice any problems, such as a malfunctioning engine, bring your car to a trusted mechanic.

How to Get a Key Code

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If you have a brand newer Kia with a built-in keyless entry system, you'll need to obtain a key number from the dealer or a locksmith in order to make an entirely new key. The dealer will have a special machine that can create the key for your vehicle. They also have a computer to program the transponder into the key. Locksmiths do not have computers to perform this task, however they can cut the mechanical key to fit in the lock of your vehicle.

Certain Kia Sportage vehicles have a feature that allows you to unlock the vehicle by simply touching it. This is a great method to unlock your car when you're out shopping or parking in a lot and have full hands. You'll need to be right next to your car and press the unlock button twice on the fob. This will unlock all doors and trunk.

Another great feature of the Kia Sportage is the panic alarm that you can turn on by pressing and holding the panic button on the fob for a few seconds or. This is a great way to scare away an burglar or assist you in finding your vehicle in a big parking lot. To turn off the alarm press the button again.

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