Mazda Key Fob Replacement

If your key fob does not function, you may not be able to access your vehicle. Fortunately, a locksmith can fix this problem easily and at a low cost.

The battery inside your Mazda key fob can be very affordable to replace. Your owner's manual should provide instructions or online videos about how to do it yourself.

How to Open the Key Fob of a Mazda Key Fob

If you're Mazda key fob isn't working as well or the indicator light for operation has stopped flashing, it could be time to replace the battery. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest repairs you can do at home, using only a few basic tools.

The Mazda key fob is powered by the CR2025 battery, which is available in many retail stores or online platforms that sell batteries. They cost around $4 for a set of four and are offered in a variety of sizes.

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You can make use of a tape-wrapped flathead screwdriver to open the Mazda key fob case. Press the key auxiliary button on the back of the fob to take out the auxiliary key made of metal, then use your screwdriver break the case on both sides. Make sure you work slowly to avoid damage to the case, and to keep the screwdriver's blade from getting scratched.

After you have opened the case for the key fob, remove the battery. Make sure the rubber ring that the battery is mounted to is in good working order. Insert your new CR2025 and ensure that the positive side is facing you. Replace the case by re-covering the screwdriver. Then put it back together according to your Mazda CX-5 owner's manual.

Battery Replacement

Mazda key fob batteries are easy to replace, however it is recommended to do this before the battery completely dies. Otherwise, it can cause the vehicle to lose the ability to unlock doors and start the engine. This can be dangerous, especially if there are children who are in the vehicle.

The battery is located at the bottom of the key fob. It's usually a little larger than a coin. It has two terminals. There will be two coins: one marked with red (+) and one black one that is marked (-).

Use a flathead screwdriver taped first to pry the case open on one side, and then the other side. Don't push the case open or you risk damaging the internal components. Once the case is removed you will see tiny rubber rings that the battery sits on. Be careful not to damage this ring since the code number is engraved on it. The code number should be kept in a safe location and not in your vehicle, to be used later should you need to.

Reassemble the case after changing the battery. Re-attach the case, and be sure you reconnect both sides of the key fob case until you hear them click into the right place.

Ignition Replacement

In general, it is fairly easy to replace the battery for a car key fob, and you can do so at home without having to call an expert. Many experts suggest keeping an extra battery in your home. They are available in most hardware stores. This will save you the cost of replacing your fob which can be up to $500 for luxury models and $250 for the more affordable cars.

However, if the key is stuck inside the ignition, it could be much more difficult to take it out. Most modern ignitions are highly complex and require a particular sequence of actions to function properly. If something causes a disruption to the process, like the breaking of a key or an ignition lock pin, the ignition could jam and the key could get stuck inside.

If the ignition is damaged, you'll need it replaced or rebuilt. This is a complex job that is dependent on the make and the make of your vehicle. Some dealerships will offer to do this, however it's generally more expensive than going to an independent mechanic.

In addition to the cost of replacing or rebuilt ignition, you'll require an expert locksmith to program the new key. If your car does not have an ordinary ignition system this will be impossible to do at home.

Key Blanks

The key fob is able to do more than just to lock the car and begin it. It also features features such as sliding down the window to summon the car if it's in a tight spot, and auto-parking. This is why they're useful but they can be a pain when you lose or break one.

It's important to know that modern key fobs can be replaced easily. You can generally do it yourself using screwscrews and the new cell. Some key fobs sound a warning when their lifespan is approaching its end. Experts suggest keeping an additional battery and a small screwdriver in your glove box or center console in case you have to replace the original one.

A locksmith can also make you an entirely new key. This locksmith might require a key that is working to program the new remote, so choose a locksmith who will require evidence prior to starting. Finally, can also look to purchase a new fob online from a reliable seller.

If you have a key fob that doesn't function, your insurance might be able to cover it. But, taking this route means that you'll need to pay for a replacement fob as well as your car's deductible and can be costly in the event that the fob costs hundreds of dollars.

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