Why You Should Have a Kia Spare Key

It's a good idea have an extra key if you and your partner share the same vehicle. You'll avoid lots of stress.
https://www.g28carkeys.co.uk/kia-car-key-replacements-near-me/ enough to get an extra key made at the parts department. You'll need to bring the original key and your ID card. The dealer will need to program the new key.

Lost Keys

You will need to replace your Kia keys if you lose it. You can either visit the dealership or call a locksmith. You can save money by opting to replace your keys with an locksmith. Dealerships charge a premium for their services. Locksmiths are competitive and offer lower prices.

You can also save money by purchasing a spare key on the internet. You will save even more money when you buy a reusable key that requires no programming. You can also purchase an additional key from the local hardware store.

The transponder chip on your Kia keys can be a wonderful addition. This helps prevent thefts as thieves aren't able to start your car. The transponder relays a unique number to the dashboard receiver. If the code isn't recognized, the engine will not start. If you lost your keys, try to find the chip in order to find a replacement.

In some cases the ignition cylinder might require replacement rather than just the key. This is a common occurrence with older Kias that have an ignition cylinder with a key. In these cases the dealer will not be able to provide the key, but will require that you have the cylinder of ignition changed.


The issue of being locked out is a source of frustration, especially if it happens at a particularly inconvenient time. There are fortunately ways to escape the situation. The first step is to call a locksmith that specializes in Kia keys. They will assist you quickly and also provide mobile services.

A locksmith can make a metal key to unlock your doors and open them manually if you own an older keyed car ignition. This is a cheaper option than purchasing a new Kia fob. It is also possible to use this key to start your car in the event that you don't have an ignition system that is push-button.

Certain car manufacturers offer a remote lockout option, which can unlock the car for you if your key isn't in your ignition or your doors are closed. However, you must verify with the manufacturer prior to making use of this option. It is also best to use this service only when you are in a secure location.

A locksmith who is skilled in Kia automobiles is another option. If your key is damaged or lost, they will assist you to get into your vehicle. They can also replace the key fob should it be required. They can also program your new key. They can also help you to identify if the key fob battery has gone out.

Broken Keys

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Modern Kias come with advanced electronics that are designed to ward off car theft. They have transponders and immobilizers that block your car from starting if you don't have the right key. The good news is that a professional locksmith can reprogram your Kia to accept new keys and block out older ones. This can help you avoid the hassle and expense of having your car towed into the dealership.

These new remote controlled car keys, despite their high-tech features are just as prone to breaking as their older metal counterparts. They can be dropped, and handled improperly, which can result in them becoming fragile or losing their key fob chip. Luckily, the new Kia key fobs are less costly than their predecessors and make it easier to locate a replacement in the event that yours fails.

You can purchase a Kia keycase at any Kia dealer or even on the internet. But this isn't the replacement for your broken key fob as it doesn't have the chip inside. To replace the Kia's key fob, will need to consult an expert locksmith.

Remove the ignition key. If the key's head isn't damaged, you may be capable of sliding a thin stiff wire on its side to pull it. Paperclips are a good choice to do this, as they are small enough to fit into the lock. If the wire is difficult to grasp, try bent the ends downwards to increase the area of the wire in contact with the key fragment.

Transponder Chip

The newest Kia cars are equipped with a security feature called a transponder. These chips are embedded within the head of the car's keys and transmit a specific number that can identify the car when activated. The immobilizer won't allow you to start the engine or the ignition without this unique code.

When you insert your key into the ignition the dashboard transmitter transmits the radio signal at a low level to the chip transponder which is a unique serial number. The chip then transmits signals to the dashboard receiver which allows you to turn on your car. This process is similar to the way military planes use codes to distinguish themselves from radar screens.

This technology makes it more difficult for thieves to steal your car since the keys only function when they are properly programmed. You can get a new transponder key from an auto locksmith or dealer.

It is important to know that dealers cost more than a professional locksmith. It is therefore better to hire a locksmith if you require a replacement for your key. The locksmith will be able to cut keys and program it for lock and unlock or start commands. You can also purchase a key fob that already comes with these features from a dealer.

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