The spectacular betta fish is part of a substantial genus of fish, that includes the betta splendens and gouramis. Most bettas are fairly small in size and usually boldly colored. They are in the anabantoid family because of their labyrinth organ. Bettas are extremely aggressive fish, and extremely brutal personalities have earned them the title Siamese fighting fish. This is the main reason male betta fish are usually kept by themselves in a private aquarium. visit website

With the exception of their large fins that make them appear big, betta fish are generally pretty small. Typical betta fish just get to 3 inches long in their as an adult. Bettas in the aquarium hobby have vibrant and bright colors. For years, betta fish breeders have found the most colorful betta fish and bred them together to create more vibrant and better selling betta fish. All bettas have fins that are fairly small, but because of selective breeding some betta fish have big fins. click for more

While caring for bettas in aquariums, it's smart to house them separately. Male betta fish typically attack when together. The same goes for female and male bettas. You should never put a male and female with each other, except if you are striving to make breed. Female bettas are the exception. It's possible house a group of of female bettas in the same aquarium in what is referred to as a betta sorority. Offering aquarium decorations, driftwood, live aquatic plants and other spaces to hide will help them get along well. You are able to house a few other kinds of fish with male or female betta fish. As long as they all need the same water temp and don't have any big flowing fins, the betta should not attack.

Betta fish are meat eaters. You might possibly have seen that their mouth points upwards, that is due to the fact that bettas feed from the waters surface. Aquatic insect larvae provides most of their natural diet. If you're a betta owner, you can acquire food that is called betta pellets. Betta pellets are a mixture of shrimp, mashed shrimp meal, wheat flour and mosquito larvae. Freeze dried or frozen brine shrimp and glassworms are an awesome treat for your betta.

The betta fish has a very different breeding ritual. betta fish spreads out his fans and flares his gills as he tries to to impress the female. The female betta will get darker if she is interested. The male will then make a bubble nest at the surface of the water. After the nest is constructed, the female will drop her eggs, and the male will fertilize them. The male betta will then gather up the eggs in his mouth and place them safely into the bubble nest. The eggs remain in the bubble nest until they begin to get bigger.

Betta fish are a robust fish, and if cared for adequately, will become as old as eight years or even more. Just like any living creature, you have to be sure to provide them with an adequate fish tank and nutrition. If you're just starting out, or you have kept fish for decades, betta fish are certain to add some amusement to your life.