As a lover of karaoke, I never thought that I would claim to be all sung out, but after seven continuous hours of karaoke on my birthday, I reckon I should take a breather from the cabaret....

My birthday started a day early on Friday when I woke up at 9.30 am to the sounds of the bambino whimpering and shuffling and realised that the boyf was in the bed beside me. "Boyf I shouted giving him a poke. !""It's 9 frigging 30! You're really late for work!" He opened his eyes and smiled at me. "No honey, I took the day off work. That was the little surprise I had planned for you. I couldn't let you get ready for your 30th on your own." and I felt myself well up and come over all emotional. I blame my hormones.... We ended up getting slightly waylaid with our plans for the day because the karaoke machine arrived and the boyf decided to 'test' it out. He'd never done karaoke before and I swear I was crying with laughter as he sang 'Hello' in what could only be described as a husky tranny voice.

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