How to Repair a Kia Sportage Key Fob

The 2022 Kia Sportage will be a fun-to drive crossover with many useful technologies. It also has a well-thought-out and user-friendly interior.

You can unlock your car with an X-press close to the door's handle and have the key fob. This simple technique can help you save time if you're in a hurry.

Keyless Entry System

Kia's 2023 Sportage separates itself from the other compact SUVs with a range of modern technologies that make it simple to remain connected and entertained on the on the go. The standard 8-inch touchscreen informationtainment system features smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, Bluetooth, voice recognition and an integrated navigation system. A completely redesigned engine provides 187 horsepower for the front-wheel drive Sportage. A hybrid drivetrain is also available, which offers 227 horsepower.

If the key fob isn't locking or unlocking your doors, ensure that it isn't running out of battery power. If the clips made of metal that hold the battery in place on the key fob are not tightened enough, they may not complete a circuit when connected to the remote. Replace the battery, making sure that it has the same voltage, size and specifications.

A dead coin battery is the leading cause of a keyfob not working in the Sportage and is usually an easy issue to diagnose. If you have tried to program the remote control, but it doesn't work or it has stopped working after being dropped on a hard floor, then the key fob could be faulty. A spare key fob can typically be used to open and start the vehicle in these circumstances.

Engine Start/Stop Button

The button for starting the engine on the Kia Sportage allows you to turn on your vehicle without the use of a key. This feature lets you start your vehicle even when it is located in an awkward spot. However, this system is not invincible to issues. For instance, you may experience an issue where the button does not function properly. In this situation you should contact an Kia dealer to assist in reprogramming the button. The technician will also examine the wiring and fuses that control this feature.

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You can make use of the Kia Access app on your smartphone to remotely start your vehicle. This can be helpful if you're at work or at home and need to get the car started prior to your arrival. Before you can even start the car, however you should ensure that all doors are shut and that the hood and tailgate are secured. You should also make sure that the hand parking brake is set to a minimum of five notches.

The smart key battery can malfunction if it gets wet or is exposed to hot. To prevent this from happening it is advised not to drop the key fob and expose it to direct sunlight or put it in the rain. If you do the key won't unlock the door or trigger the alarm.

Key Code Number

The key code number is engraved on an RFID tag that is attached to the key set. This code number lets an authorized Kia dealer to duplicate your key set should you lose the key set. Keep the number of codes you have recorded when you remove the barcode tag the tag. Do not keep it in your car.

To lock the doors you need to press this button. If you press this button when your vehicle is in ACC or on, a horn will sound. The danger warning light will flash twice. This indicates that all doors are locked. Press the button to unlock the doors.

When you press this button the immobilizer system indicator will flash for approximately 30 seconds to stop the engine from getting started. If of your vehicle or hazard lights blink it could be because the key has been incorrectly coded. A different key could be transmitting interference.

If this is the case the authorized Kia dealer should verify the proper coding of your key. If you are still seeing the lights for the horn and hazard flashing while trying to start your vehicle, please contact your dealer. The unauthorised use of a smart key isn't covered by the manufacturer's vehicle warranty.


The battery inside the key fob of the Kia Sportage isn't expensive, but it must be replaced regularly. You can buy the new battery at your local hardware store, or from an auto parts specialist. When you remove the old battery from the key fob, make sure to disconnect the negative cable first. This will eliminate any remaining power and stop the circuits from shorting out.

When replacing the battery in your key fob, you must to select a good quality one. The quality of the batteries will determine the longevity of the fob. It's also important to test the voltage regularly. If the voltage is low, the battery could be defective.

You can replace the key fob without any tools. You'll need to place the mechanical key blade into the small slot on the bottom of the fob, and then break the casing. Then you can replace the old battery with a new one and then reassemble the fob.

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