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Philips Lumia is a perfect and comprehensive solution for a long hair-free complexion, reducing hair growth in only 3 treatment sessions by up to 92%. Easy to use and highly effective, and has customized accessories for all areas of the body to effectively use the large areas and small areas of your body. The skin color sensor and the skin contact sensor provide double safety.

The Philips Lumia laser emits light flashes that prevent hair growth again. According to the experiences of users, it was noted that hair growth decreased significantly after 3-4 sessions of treatment applied every two weeks once, and follow the follow-up sessions every month or as needed to maintain the results and get a skin free of hair and soft.

How to Use a Philips Home Laser
Philips Lumia is easy to use and safe. Provides 5 levels of energy to choose from depending on your skin tone and comfort level. You can treat your various areas gently and effectively. And one full-body session within 20 minutes.

Four steps to start hair removal Philips Lumia:

The first step:
Shave the target area with a mosquito, hair removal machine, wax or candy before starting treatment.

The second step:
Determine the appropriate level of preparation for the color of your skin.

The third step:
Put the device vertically on the target area and wait until the device flashes signal to the readiness of the device to start work and press the flash button.

The fourth step:
Move the device over the target body areas region by region slowly and avoid repeating flashes on the area more than once.

Why Choose Philips Lumia Philips Lumea

5 reasons to choose your Philips Lumia:

  • A soft hair-free complexion for several months
  • Hair decline by up to 92% during only 3-4 sessions
  • Double security by skin color sensor and skin matching sensor.
  • Does not require spare parts, lamp life up to 20 years and no need for gel or sedatives before or after use.
  • Wired and wireless use according to preference.
  • Multiple accessories and customized for all areas of the body for more effective.
  • Large treatment lens for faster treatment of whole body in 20 minutes.
  • Two years guarantee for all Philips dealers around the world.

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