How to Replace a Kia Sportage Replacement Key

For a variety of Kia models the key comes with a built-in keyless entry system. The key functions like a remote control, and can be exchanged by a Kia dealer.

Key fobs might stop working for several reasons, including batteries that are dead, worn buttons signal interference, water damage and a damaged receiver module. Here are some tips to help you get your Kia sportage replacement key to work again.

How do you replace a remote key or a smartkey?

Whether your Kia is equipped with an intelligent key, remote key, push-to-start keys, or a regular non-transponder steel key The battery inside these keys will eventually require replacement. This is especially true if your car displays a message indicating that the smart or remote keys aren't powered.

It's a simple procedure. To replace the battery on the keyfob, remove your mechanical key from the slit at the back of the fob. Then, pry the cover off. Inside the key fob, there will be the small screw that holds the battery in its place. By using a small screwdriver unscrew the screw and pull out the old battery. Insert the new battery and close the slit on the key fob.

Test the key fob by pressing the lock/unlock buttons. If the doors lock and unlock in the same way, you're all set! You can now utilize the hands-free feature to lock and unlock your Kia when your fingers get cold or when you need to complete errands in Brandon.

Note: Certain key fobs might need to be programmed (transponder chips or smart keys). This requires a computer, which is only available to the automotive locksmith or dealer. Other keys (non-transponder metal keys) don't require programming. If you need to reprogramme your key, you'll need write down the key code's number on the tag for the key code.

How do you replace a dead battery?

If your Kia key fob isn't responding when you press the lock or unlock button on the fob, it is a good indicator that the battery should be replaced. A low battery could cause other issues like the check engine light flashing on or the engine not cranking. Fortunately, replacing the battery on the key fob is a fairly simple DIY project that requires just the most basic tools.

Make sure to shut off your vehicle and shut all doors prior to starting. Locate the small metal or plastic piece on the bottom of your key fob and move it until a metal key is released. Then, you can insert the key into the door handle of the driver to open your car.

To replace the battery on the key fob, take off the cover at the rear. Utilize a plastic plier tool to loosen up the latch that holds the black negative cable. Remove the old battery, and then align the new one in a way that the "+" positive side faces you and the "negative" negative side is facing the fob's metallic electrical contacts. Push the new CR2032 battery straight into position with care to avoid using too much force to avoid damaging or breaking the contacts on the metal.

Once the new battery is installed after which you turn the key fob off and then on in the ignition several times until the door locks cycle. You can then test your Kia key fob to determine whether it's functioning properly again.

How do I replace a smart keys

Depending on the model of the Kia Sportage, you may have an ordinary key fob or a smart key. The difference is that the smart key comes with a small mechanical key blade that is hidden inside, while the standard fob doesn't. Both key fobs have an internal battery that will eventually require replacing. Fortunately, this is an easy process that only takes about two minutes.

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Be sure to switch off your Kia and be on a flat or well-lit surface prior to when you begin. Be aware that there are tiny parts inside the fob that could fall out if not cautious.

The small release button is located on the lower backside. It could be a circular button or rectangular slot. When you press it mechanical key blade, it will appear and you will be able to open the key fob.

After the key fob has been opened, take out the battery. The new battery should be a CR-2032 and can be purchased online or at a local auto parts store. When you are done with the battery, you should be able to lock, unlock and start your vehicle using your key fob, even if the engine isn't running!

How to replace a mechanical key

The Kia key fob is an amazing convenience that lets us lock and unlock our car at the click of the button. Like all devices like a key fob, the Kia can occasionally have problems. There are solutions to resolve these issues and keep your key fobs functioning for the duration of.

One of the most frequently encountered issues is a low or dead battery. The fob could be able to cease working or to work intermittently. If happens try replacing the battery with a new one.

If this isn't enough to resolve the issue you can try using a standard flathead screwdriver to open the casing of the fob's plastic. Be sure not to damage any internal components, or scratch the plastic. Once open, carefully remove the battery you have been using and replace it with a new one.

After the new battery has been put installed, close and unlock the doors with the mechanical key (every key fob in the kia has an emergency mechanical key that can fit into the slot). Test the key fob to ensure it's working properly. Contact a dealer or a locksmith to address the issue in the event that the key fob is not working. To avoid lockouts in the future, ensure you have an emergency key that can be able to work with all door and trunk cylinders.

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