How to Get a Kia Replacement Key

Kia cars come with an immobiliser that is intended to prevent theft. The key is equipped with a transponder which sends a coded message to the vehicle. It will only start when the proper key is used.

Kia UK has released a pouch to help deter thieves from wandering around in the dark near your home, which acts as a minuscule Faraday cage to block the signal from the key.


A new kia key could cost a lot. But, there are ways to cut down on the cost. You can purchase a used car key from a dealer, and have it programmed at an automotive locksmith. You can ask your automobile insurance provider if this service is available. You will save money and time. You can also get a new key at a local garage. However, it could be more expensive and will take longer to obtain.

Consider the type of key that you have whether it's a chip, an intelligent fob or push-to-start key, a remote key, or if it's just a regular non-transponder key. The more advanced the key technology, the higher the cost of a replacement. You may also ask your dealer if they are any special deals or special offers.

Bring a spare key as well as any other documentation that proves you own the vehicle in case you're purchasing a new vehicle from a dealer. They'll need to confirm that you are the vehicle's owner before cutting a key. The dealer's codes will not work in the event that the ignition has been changed in the past. This can stop the new key from working.

If you have a brand newer model, you can also attempt to obtain a duplicate from the dealer. If your car is older, it will not be recorded by the dealer. You will need to go to an automotive locksmith.


If you've lost your keys, the quickest way to obtain a replacement is at the dealership where you purchased your car. Bring your driver's licence and the proof of ownership documents. will order the new key, and pair it with your vehicle. This process can take a few weeks. Another option is to employ a mobile locksmith, who will come to your location and design a key for your Kia on the spot. They can also program the new key to start or lock the vehicle.

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The majority of Kia models include a remote/fob or smart key. They contain a transponder chip that must be programmed to begin the car. The chips used in these keys range between 1995 and 2000 and are referred to as Texas crypto 4D type 13 or T5.

You might also require an additional key fob battery. The CR2032 Lithium battery is the most common battery used in Kia remotes. They are available at all auto stores. Remove the old battery from your vehicle and then store it in a secure location.

If you purchase a new key from a dealer they'll charge 10%-15 percent less than an auto locksmith. However, you'll likely have to pay for the cost of towing towards the dealer, and then wait for them to program the key. It's also possible to wait until business hours in the event that you call after hours. This is why a locksmith is a more affordable and practical option.


Car thefts are a major issue for many. There are ways to reduce your risk of theft. These include always locking the doors, parking in well-lit areas and using additional security systems such as pedal locks and steering wheels. Kia and Hyundai are among the automakers that have taken additional steps to enhance security. Certain have introduced special technology that stops thieves from copying the signal from the key fob of a car. These fobs only work when the owner opens it to prevent thieves from using devices that replicate the signal when the owner is asleep. This is a great improvement, but it is not enough to stop all car thefts.

Kia's Smart Keys come with an integrated radio transmitter that allows you to lock and unlock the vehicle from afar. You can also remotely unlock the trunk using the keys. Additionally, they switch off the ignition when you push the button on the driver side door handle. This feature is not available in all vehicles.

Burgh Locksmiths can provide replacement Kia keys for nearly all vehicles from 1998 and onwards. Keys contain an embedded microchip that communicates with the security system to confirm the authenticity of the key and has been programmed for the vehicle you are using it for. The first chip used in Kia automobiles was an Texas crypto 4D type 13, but later models are equipped with rolling codes.


Kia is a popular brand with consumers looking for an affordable car that is, has a good design and offers impressive features. The Kia range of cars includes small cars, family hatchbacks as well as crossover SUVs. Picanto and Sportage are two of the most popular models in Britain. The Korean automaker provides a variety of alternative fuel models, including electrics and hybrids.

Losing your Kia car keys or having them taken be stressful. A professional locksmith can assist you to get back on the road more quickly and in a safer manner. They will assess your situation and provide a comprehensive solution that is tailored to your specific key replacement needs.

A locksmith for autos can assist with other issues connected to the key fob. For instance, he/ they can help you fix a key that won't turn in the ignition, or even unlock the doors.

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