Bentley Keys Are Bold, Adventuresome and Uncompromising

Bentley cars are adventurous and bold. Their key accessories also reflect the same spirit.

University keys are assigned a code to the individual to whom they are issued. Departments are accountable for ensuring compliance with the key control policy, and for ensuring that all keys issued to students leaving the University are returned.

The Mulsanne W.O. The Mulsanne W.O.

The Mulliner division will be celebrating Bentley's 100th anniversary next year with the release of a Mulsanne special edition. It pays homage to the company's founder father, W.O. Bentley, and even contains a piece of one of his cars.

The special model can be ordered with a standard Mulsanne, Mulsanne Speed or Mulsanne Long Wheelbase. It was inspired by a 1930 8 Litre Bentley owned by W.O. was using as his personal vehicle. The influence of this car can be observed in the cabin. For example, a Mulliner illuminated bar cabinet houses a display with a piece of the 8 Litre crankshaft displaying inside.

W.O. is emblazoned in the shape of a B-shaped air vent on the chrome application along the back of the vehicle. The front grille has been designed after 1930s-appropriate Onyx, and there's also an optional chrome finish around the lower spoilers to the left and right. The front grille is also a unique design, with chrome-colored shells replacing the body-colored mesh of the Mulsanne. It also includes the Flying B Logo.

Key boxes engraved with the Bentley wings holds two keys and has a black flock lining, while key pouches can be purchased to complement or contrast with the key box. The set is commemorative and includes a 1:18 scale model and the flying "B" paperweight. It also contains a printed booklet featuring never-before seen images of the original Bentley 8 Litre.

The Bentley Wing Key Box

This accessory is perfect for Bentley enthusiasts and owners. It comes with a unique keybox that is embossed with Bentley wings. The item comes in a gift box with tissue paper and makes an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas or other occasions.

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The key fob's metal-to-metal knurling mimics the texture of the interior including the temperature controls and shift knob. Van Braekel says, "We wanted the knurling as consistent and elegant" as we could. "It was also important to keep the fob in a shape and size that was easily identifiable."

Bentley Mulliner customers are able to select any color from the Bentley portfolio, as well any combination of veneers or hides, and bespoke embroidery. Nearly 400,000 stitches provide Bentley's signature diamond-in-diamond quilting across its entire cabin, and the mood lighting can be altered to suit different moods.

Standard exteriors include illuminated treadplates as well as brushed silver clocks and new 22in wheels sporting self-leveling Bentley logos. Customers can also have a bespoke Bentley logo laser-etched onto the rear fixing to pay homage to the 1930 8 Litre W.O. The car was inspired by the 1930 8 Litre W.O. To explore the full range of Bentley Mulliner accessories, visit the Configurator.

The Bentley Wing Key Pouches

Bentley's "Speed" series is an absolute blast in that it takes the Continental GT's already extravagant luxury and kicks it up to eleven. It's not just about the glitzy exterior or the extra hors d'oeuvres. There are also improvements in the mechanical, such as the reworked suspension as well as stiffer handling that make the car less fragile.

As you would expect from a British luxury brand production of Bentley cars is based in Crewe. is fully integrated. All aspects of car design, engineering and production are located at the same place. The main building is named CW1 House and is home to the Bentley Boutique, which sells more than 130 items from the Bentley Collection range.

The most important thing about a Bentley is that it's a great example of the quality that is evident throughout the entire line. It's a robust and sturdy piece that seems like it was made of one giant block of granite. It's more than an important key that functions it's also an elegant extravagant symbol of wealth.

Employees are responsible for managing their department keys and must not transfer or loan them to anyone else. If any individual is found to have a Bentley University key that they are not authorized to own the individual could be liable to disciplinary action that could lead to the termination from employment.

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