How to Replace a Kia CEED Key Fob

As with all devices powered by batteries, key fobs eventually show warning signs that indicate that the batteries are beginning to degrade. This could be an absence of range or the inability to unlock or start your vehicle.

Kia has worked hard to help Flowood drivers their lives a bit easier. They have a handy hands free lock/unlock function, which lets you open your door by simply pressing your thumb on the handle. Find out more about these Kia key fob tips here!

How do I replace the battery?

The key fob in your Kia is a great way to lock, unlock, and start your car from a distance, but the battery inside will eventually fail. If this happens, you'll need learn how to replace the battery in the Kia key fob to be back on the road. This is easy to do and you'll be able to do it yourself if you're prepared.

The average life expectancy of key fob batteries is between two and three years. There are a variety of warning signs that a key fob battery is beginning to wear out. The most obvious one is an increasing decrease in the range of the transmitter. This means you'll have to be nearer to the car to lock or unlock it. Certain key fobs will also display a message on the dashboard when their battery is low.

To replace a key fob battery, you'll need a standard flathead screwdriver, and a tiny tool that can split the fob into its two parts. Wedge the edge of the screwdriver into the slot on the other side of the key fob that doesn't hold the mechanical key blade, and then gently pull the case open. Remove the battery from the case, and replace it with a new one. Note its orientation. can purchase a CR2032 in a variety of hardware stores. Once you have a new battery, put it in the correct place and close the case.

How do you replace the transmitter?

Kia's smart-key technology makes life easier for Brandon drivers. One of the benefits is that you can lock or unlock your vehicle from a distance by pressing the button on the Kia fob. However, there are times when the battery inside a Kia fob can begin to wear out. You'll notice that you need to be nearer to the vehicle to lock or unlock it. You might also notice that the car doesn't recognize the fob or display an error message on the dashboard when you hit the keyless entry button.

Fortunately, replacing the transmitter or key fob battery in a Kia shouldn't be a problem. To open the fob, you'll require a flathead screwdriver. Be careful not to damage internal components or the mechanical key. Once you've opened the case, you are able to remove the old battery and replace it with a brand new CR2032 battery.

Switching the transmitter or key fob battery in your Kia won't be something you'll need to do on a regular basis but it's vital to know exactly how to do it in case the time comes that you need to. To help you get started, the Kia experts at Matt Castrucci Kia have created a step-by-step guideline that will give you all the details you need to replace the battery on your fob with minimum hassle.

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How do you replace the Smart Key

Kia's Smart Key system is a wonderful convenience feature that allows drivers to lock, unlock, and start their vehicles without having to remove their keys from their pockets. The life of the key fob's battery is limited, as with any other gadget powered by batteries. It's best to carry an extra. The replacement process is quite easy. The process can be completed within minutes using a flathead screwdriver.

Begin by taking off the mechanical key blade from the fob. To do this insert the screwdriver's tip in the slit on the the key fob opposite the one with the mechanical key. Press the button at the bottom of the fob to let it go. The key should then come out easily, and you can then remove the battery that was in its slot.

Replace the CR2032 batteries. Use the screwdriver's tip to locate the slot that is compatible with the blade for emergency keys. After that, place the new battery into its slot and gently pry the two halves of the key fob back together.

It's not something you have to do every day, but it's important to know what to do it when the time comes. This knowledge can help you avoid the frustration of having to call an expert mechanic and wait for them to show up.

How do you replace a mechanical Key

A remote car key fob lets owners to lock and unlock their Kia car at a distance, without having to use keys that are physically present. The fob could also have buttons that be used to operate features such as the trunk or liftgate or activate an alarm for panic.

Luckily, the smart key fobs used in Kia vehicles are built to last. But, like every other battery-powered device will eventually show warning signs that indicate that the battery is failing. The most frequent sign of a failing battery is a decrease in range. This implies that the vehicle needs to be closer to the key fob to lock or unlock.

If you're experiencing this problem, you'll need to replace the fob's mechanical keys. The procedure is fairly easy, and you'll not require any special tools. Turn the key off and wait for the locks to cycle. Then then, use a small screwdriver with a flat head to wedge the tip inside of the key fob in the opposite direction to where the emergency key is stored.

Once you have inserted the screwdriver, you will hear it click. The mechanical key can be removed, the battery removed and a fresh battery installed. Then, you'll be able to drive on the Rogers roads again! Contact our service team at the Kia dealership in Muncie if you have any concerns. We're happy walk you through each step!

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