A Locksmith Can Make a Kia Duplicate Key Faster Than the Dealership

Kia key fobs contain microchips that communicate with the car's dashboard receiver to enable it to start. A locksmith who is familiar with Kia vehicles can create duplicate keys quicker than the dealership.

The price of a replacement key is based on the type (chip intelligent fob, chip push to start, or regular non-transponder) and the year of the vehicle. The price could increase if you've had to replace the ignition cylinder previously.


Obtaining a replacement Kia key can be costly in particular if it's an older model that does not have a transponder chip. Transponder chips are included in the majority of modern models. They can prevent theft by sending a unique code to the dashboard receiver each time the key is turned. The cost of replacing a chip key from a dealer can be over PS200 however it could be less if you call around to find the lowest price.

You may find a locksmith who will make keys replacements at a lower price when you have an older Kia model. Be sure to provide the year as well as the model and VIN number of your car to the locksmith. They will need this information to program the key for your car. A Kia-certified car locksmith must have the proper tools and equipment needed to program these keys.

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A newer model Kia may be more difficult to get an alternative replacement for, specifically since many of these vehicles include key fobs used to start the vehicle. Locksmiths with experience in the automotive industry can easily duplicate these fobs however it's more difficult for modern models. This is because key fobs use different technology than traditional keys and require specialized equipment to make them.


If you're looking for a new Kia key for your vehicle, call the dealer or a locksmith. The dealership can offer an exchange for the majority of Kia models, but you will need to pay an additional charge to get the new key programmed. Locksmiths can offer more efficient service and come to you at the workplace or at home to repair the key.

The Kia key is usually shaped like the remote control. It has embedded microchips that transmit a code to a car's dashboard receiver. If the code is correct, the car will start. The key also comes with a safety feature that prevents it from starting if it's not inserted properly into the ignition. This stops thieves from taking your car by simply turning the ignition.

If you lose your keys, you can always contact the Kia dealer to replace keys for you. You'll be contacted in two to three business days to arrange for the pick-up of your new key. The key will need to be programmed to start and then lock the vehicle. It can be done by the dealer but it's best to let a locksmith handle this because they're able to do it more quickly and efficiently. You can also utilize the key to start manually your vehicle, however you will need to keep a mechanical ignition key as well.


Kia cars come with a range of keys and remotes, including a transponder key chip as well as an intelligent key fob. Transponders are a tiny chip inside the key that sends an unique code to the dashboard receiver, which allows it to start the vehicle. Some of these key systems also block vehicles that are not authorized to start with an immobilizer that is activated by the correct, programed car key. These keys are more expensive than a regular metal key without transponder, but they offer extra security for your car.

The majority of the newer Kia models come with fobs that permit you to lock and unlock your doors by pressing one button. This is a great feature that will help you save time and effort as you prepare to leave your home. If you lose your key fob, it is crucial to contact the best locksmith to get it replaced. A locksmith who is familiar with Kia's unique technology can do the job quickly and efficiently.

Whether you need a replacement key fob or an ignition cylinder replacement A professional locksmith will provide the help you require. They will take time to understand your needs and address all your questions. This will ensure you get the best service possible and a great value for your money.


Kia cars are equipped with remarkable security features to prevent car theft. A transponder chip is incorporated into the key and transmits a unique security code to the dashboard receiver. The car won't start when this code isn't recognised. The keys have a high security blade that makes it difficult to access the ignition using the drill or a tool. The key fob also has an invisible button that can be used to remotely lock and unlock the vehicle.

The majority of Kia models come with key fobs that resemble a remote control. These are known as smart keys or key fobs. Key fobs are used in conjunction with the dashboard receiver to start and lock the vehicle. In order to take advantage of this feature, the key must be in close proximity to the vehicle. https://www.g28carkeys.co.uk/kia-car-key-replacements-near-me/ in the car needs to be in good working order for this system to function.

You will require an automotive locksmith or dealer to program your fob or smart key. This is a different procedure than cutting the key and the cost could be higher. The dealer needs to know the key code that is usually stamped on the key set. Dealers charge a significant amount for this service, but an auto-locksmith can program the key on site at a cost that is lower.

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