How to Get a Kia Key Replacement

If you have a Kia smart remote fob or a key that isn't functioning, your first step is to visit your dealer. After verifying that you have the vehicle, they will be able to provide the code.

You'll need to visit an auto locksmith to get the key cut and then program it to start your vehicle. They will charge less than a dealer.

Hidden Key Fob

If you're a Kia owner, you'll be happy to be aware that your key fob has a hidden function that allows you to open the windows and the sunroof. It's activated by pressing the "unlock" button and holding it down for 10 seconds. It's an awesome method that can keep you from being hot in your car on a hot summer day.

You can also use your key fob to lock and unlock the door locks, close the boot, and fold in the mirrors on the wing. This is a useful feature to have if you park your car in a dangerous place and want to protect it from thieves. This feature is only available for models with a remote/intelligent fob-key.

It is easy to replace the battery in your key fob. Remove the mechanical key and then flip the fob's button upside-down. Make use of a flat bladed device to off the bottom panel to expose the battery. Make sure you're using a correct battery, for example, a CR2023.

When you're ready to replace your battery, make sure you have the VIN number of your vehicle as well as keys with you. Kia dealerships will not be able cut you new keys without this information. Fortunately, a locksmith in the automotive industry can.

Remote Start

Kia always strives to simplify your life. One of the most convenient features they offer is their hands-free locking and unlocking feature. All you need to do is push your thumb against the handle and the car will automatically unlock. This is a great option if you do not have enough hands to unlock the car or if you're running out to get some groceries.

Remote start is another excellent feature. You can make use of your key fob to start your car, ensuring that it's warm by the time you have to leave for work or to the gym. This is especially useful on cold winter mornings, when you need to quickly warm up your car and get ready for commute.

You can also utilize the remote start button to activate your panic alarm in your vehicle. If you discover that the battery of your key fob is depleted, you can press it to activate the analog key. Lastly, can also press the button on the back of your fob to open the trunk or liftgate.

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The battery of your key fob isn't something you must do often however it's crucial to know what to do when it comes time. The procedure is quite easy and can be completed at home, though you might require assistance from a professional if you have a key fob that is smart and has a lot of features.

Transponder Chip

The key fobs for Kia cars have a hidden microchip. This microchip sends a code that only your car can receive when you insert the key. This is a great security feature that can help stop thieves from using your car without permission.

Utilizing the key to open your doors also activates the immobilizer in the vehicle. The transponder chip does not remove the immobilizer, which makes it extremely difficult for thieves to hot-wire your car. However, it's important note that this doesn't make your car invincible as experienced car thieves are able to find ways to steal vehicles that have a transponder.

If you're in need of changing the battery in the Kia key fob, the procedure is simple and can be accomplished at home using the right tools. Use a flathead to find the small slot on the side. Then, gently pry the casing with the screwdriver. You can then take out the old battery and replace it with a new one.

Changing the battery in your Kia key fob may appear to be a simple task, but it's something you'll need to do often. Consider hiring a professional car locksmith that is skilled in Kia vehicles like the Rio Soul, Forte Optima and Telluride Sportage to save money. The best automotive locksmiths will have a variety of key fobs to choose from and you won't have to wait for parts deliveries or locate an off-brand item yourself.


The immobilizer in Kia makes it difficult for thieves to steal your vehicle because it makes sure that only a key that has been programmed by the code can turn on it. This makes it difficult for anyone else, other than an authorized dealer, to access the system.

If your car is equipped with an immobilizer, it is crucial to keep your keys separated and keep them away from each other when driving or leaving your car. If the keys are located close to each other, the transponder chip could interfere with one another and cause a start-up malfunction. Also, metal accessories on the keys could disrupt the transmission of signals from the chip. In this instance, the engine will not start and the key has to be replaced.

Although you can purchase an additional key replacement from a dealership but it's more expensive than hiring a locksmith. Additionally, you'll have to take on the burden of getting your vehicle to and away from the dealer.

It's important to get an expert locksmith to replace the battery in your Kia in the event that it has a smart-key. They'll have the tools to do this and can usually do it quickly in your area. In addition, they will be competent to test the ignition with the adequate diagnostic equipment to see whether it's simply the ignition that isn't working, or something different.

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