The Tunstall Gem5 fall alarm watch is specifically tailored for individuals at high risk of falling who desire peace of mind. Utilizing motion sensors and AI, this watch helps ensure that accidents do not lead to hard falls by mistake; additionally it is also beneficial for those suffering from conditions causing loss of balance, such as Parkinson's or dementia.

Medical alert systems typically use buttons to call for help, while certain devices also include built-in fall detection technology which will notify a monitoring center if a fall occurs. Such devices often feature smaller buttons which can easily be pressed in an emergency and may even be worn around the wrist for easy accessibility.

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Seniors often benefit from medical alert devices that incorporate this advanced technology, providing peace of mind without incurring ongoing monthly monitoring fees. Many devices also include GPS location tracking to make sure emergency services or loved ones know exactly where the fall occurred and can respond accordingly.

However, fall detection technology found in these devices is not foolproof; most companies provide a disclaimer on their website that states no device can completely eliminate false alarms. Therefore, many of these devices feature a help button to help manually call emergency services for help if necessary. These devices often incorporate an accelerometer that can detect sudden, dramatic movement associated with falls. Once detected, this sensor can then determine if you have indeed fallen by measuring force of impact and whether tilting has occurred on or shifting position has taken place within your device.

When your device detects that a fall has taken place, it will either vibrate and sound an alarm to notify you that an incident has been detected, or use its emergency button to send an SOS message directly to emergency contacts. With an Apple Watch Series 4, if it has access to cellular networks within range of your iPhone it will attempt to call emergency services automatically for you. If you're searching for an advanced fall detection and 24-hour monitoring device, our article on the top medical alert watches provides several great choices. Alternatively, speak to healthcare providers about discounts as some offer two-for-one deals during sales events; or check out Apple Watch Series 4 with built-in fall detection starting at just $249 which makes an affordable solution for many seniors with iPhones already installed.

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