of the Bentley Continental GT displays power with the precision and power of an electric car. It's a tribute to the buyers who are looking for pure luxury, lavishness, and performance.

The key fob of the Continental features rubber seals to prevent water from damaging the electronic chip inside. Excessive exposure to water, like submerging in a pool, may be more damaging.


The most likely reason for a key fob that suddenly stopped working is the remote control battery is dead. It may also stop working due to worn buttons, bad battery contacts, signal interference, receiver module issues or water damage. In rare instances an incompatible microchip could be the reason.

The key fob is outfitted with clips made of metal that hold the battery and complete the circuit. These clips can be missing or loose and cause the battery to slide out of position. Make sure that the clip is firmly in place and that all contacts on the battery are clean and corrosion free.

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When replacing the button cell battery It is essential to select the right size and voltage. Batteries of the wrong size or type could harm your Continental remote control. Always replace the battery with a new one of the same size and type.

If your key fob stops working you can try using a spare one. This will help you rule out any issues with the keyfob's buttons, contacts, battery, and internal chip. If the spare keyfob functions you could have an issue with the receiver module of your Bentley Continental. It may need to be replaced, or programmed.

Water Damage

A key fob that has rubber seals ought to be able to withstand a splash of water or a bath in the washing machine. Immersion in clean water for a long time can damage electronic chips. Water is a highly conductive medium that can cause short circuits on the circuit board. Wet circuit boards are also susceptible to corrosion and rust.

After you've retrieved your key fob out of the puddle, pool, or wash cycle you dropped it in Make sure to squeeze as much water as you can before opening it up. Turn the fob's button upside down and allow it to drain for a couple of minutes before taking out any remaining water with an absorbent cloth or paper towel. A cotton swab coated with isopropyl alcohol could be used to wipe down the key fob's case and circuit board, and then leave it to dry completely.

Diagnosis of a Fault

The key fob of the Bentley Continental GT can stop functioning for a variety of reasons. Some of these include an unrepaired or damaged battery or water damage or signal interference, receiver module issues, and an unpaired key that requires to be reprogrammed. You can reset your on-board computer by disconnecting the battery 12 volts for a few moments.

You can use a diagnostic tool to look for problems. The tool will ask you to input the make, model, and engine type to get the most accurate results. You can enter the VIN in case you don't know the exact details of your vehicle. This will allow the diagnostic tool search for a specific number of codes that will assist you to identify the issue faster.

Another possibility is that your key fob is equipped with an internal chip that is not working properly. This may happen if someone dropped the key on the floor, which could have cracked the internal chip. It could also happen when you've mistakenly left the headlights or the interior lights on for too long. The corrosion that occurs on the battery's terminals can cause an electric current to be obstructed and cause the alarms to continue going off.

The 2022 Bentley Continental GT is a luxury car that can turn any journey into an extravagant experience. The exterior is stunning, featuring a glossy black Bentley matrix and quad tailpipes. The car is finished with 21" five-spoke wheels. Inside, the cabin offers a ring of crown cut walnut veneer, which extends through the doors and wraps around the central console. There are many colors to choose from for the hide, in addition to embroidery as well as piping and contrast stitching.


The Bentley Continental GT is a elegant car and deserves a keyfob to match it. The Bentley Continental GT keyfob is made of genuine metal and black leather to enhance the elegant contours. It has three buttons that lock, unlock and release the trunk. The Bentley winged badge is visible on its surface.

Replace the battery inside the Bentley Continental GT key fob when it's dead. Make sure to choose an external battery that has the same size, voltage, and specification as the original. When replacing the battery, be sure to push the little tabs back in place and use the opportunity to clean the electronic chip with a paper towel and isopropyl ethanol, if needed.

Water damage is more common in the Bentley Continental GT key fob than in other models of vehicles, but this does not mean that it is impossible to fix. A splash of soapy or rainwater might not cause damage to the chip, however submerging it in the pool or ocean is more likely to cause damage. If your key fob is wet, remove the battery. Dry it completely.

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