Bentley Car Key Features

The first thing you'll notice when pick up a Bentley key is the weight. It's a luxurious feeling with its knurled metal on both sides.

Walter Owen Bentley founded the Bentley company in 1919. He was inspired by his work to design extraordinary automobiles that would inspire and motivate his workers and further strengthen the story of interwar British achievements and national pride.

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1. Easy to open

The most important part of the key part of a Bentley is a stunning design. Its obvious heft and textured surface - dubbed "knurling" by designer Dirk van Braekel--are just one of the ways that the carmaker tries to make its vehicles feel special. The Bentley logo is placed in the middle of the car, while the trunk-open, lock, and unlock buttons are vertically placed on the opposite side.

This arrangement is designed to stop keys from getting caught on the chain. The bottom of the key that is rubberized allows you to hold it. Key fobs also have clips of steel to hold the battery in place and complete the circuit. If your key fob suddenly ceases to work the clip could be missing tension or corrosive.

The Bentley's key fob is also equipped with an antitheft device called Secure-A-Key. When installed in your car it will disable the key fob after a couple of minutes of no movement, making it harder for thieves to steal the remote control frequency of the vehicle and to turn it on. This feature isn't available on all vehicles, but it's an excellent choice for anyone who wants to protect their investment.

2. Strong

It's not easy to lose your car keys. But with a new replacement key from AutoLocks LTD, you can be sure that your Bentley is safe and safe. Additionally, we charge 75% less for replacement keys than a main dealer.

The new Bentley key features a big "B" that will make people aware that you drive a Bentley Bentayga. It is also heavy, so you won't lose it easily.

Bentley is committed to the creation of cars at its Crewe plant for the next 100 years, but it is also getting ready for the digital age. Its mission is to provide a luxury experience that reflects the ideals of its customers, like sustainability, innovation, collaboration. This includes a customized, curated digital journey.

3. Lightweight

The Bentley key is a large object that reflects its quality. It also has a beautiful texture, referred to as "knurling," on the sides and a rubberized coating that makes it easier to grip. The same textures and accents are used on other parts of the car, including the shift knob and seat temperature controls.

The key is equipped with three buttons including trunk-open, lock, and unlock -- which are vertically arranged on one side, and the Bentley logo is displayed on the other. It is very easy to see where your key is in relation to all the other keys on a crowded key ring due to the prominent display.

It's frustrating losing your keys, but it doesn't have to ruin an evening out or lead to a missed meeting. AutoLocks LTD can help by providing Bentley keys that can be replaced at 75% less than the price a major dealer would charge.

4. designed keys with security at the front. The keys have an tilted "B" on the back, which is engraved with a Bentley logo that makes it difficult to duplicate. The keys are also shaped like a cylindrical to prevent them being put in the wrong slot of your car.

Bentley cars also come with keys that are a specific type known as Tibbe Key. Tibbe Key. These keys are more secure since they cannot be duplicated at an hardware store. They are only cut by a locksmith, or at the dealership.

Bentley's Key Replacement Protection Policy offers an extensive and practical key coverage. It provides many benefits including reduced cost of ownership over the long run, increased security as well as convenience. It is also the ability to be transferred to increase value of resales. Contact us today to learn more about our key protection policies. We can help you with more than just Bentley keys replacement. Our locksmiths have years of experience working with Bentley's exclusive locks and keys.

5. Take Care of Yourself

Bentley cars are equipped with a key that's highly advanced. The key isn't just utilized for remote unlocking but also functions as a means of communication between the onboard ECUS and many other components like the alarm system, the comfort or memory seat control unit as well as the engine ECU. The key comes with radio transmitter that can be used for remote unlocking and a transponder that allows communication with other systems. The keys are cylindrical rather than flat, which makes them more difficult to duplicate or hack than transponders that are more traditional.

The key has a rolling-code, which means that the chip inside is continuously evolving, which makes it impossible to duplicate or copy without specialist tools. This acts as a preventative against theft of cars and prevents car owners from having to purchase costly replacements.

Bentley has elevated it to a higher level with its Mulsanne W.O Edition By Mulliner. This special limited edition keycase pays homage to Bentley's founder father, and includes a crankshaft piece that was part of his 1930 8 Litre. The keys were made by Mulliner in order to match the style and design of this unique souvenir. It's certain to be a sought-after collector's item for a long time to come.

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